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Business & Office Efficiency

Streamlining what you do SAVES TIME (= more business = more profit) and MONEY (= more profit again). Win-win, they call it. Do you do it? No, because you're too busy running the business. A dilemma, then?

No. There are many ways you can make your business more efficient - with minimal effort, no pain, no cost, and no redundancies. I've been in business myself, and I know how hard it is to shoulder the burden of running costs.

Costs that eat into your profits.

Whether you are a small localised business, a multi-national or something in between, running your business probably costs you a great deal more than you think, and certainly more than it should. I can help you to be more efficient. I have so often heard it said: "I'm too busy making money to think about organisation". People who say that don't realise just how much money they are wasting.

These are the principal areas in which I can help you reduce the cost of running your business (without ANY net cost to you) and some questions you should be able to answer:

ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING - Do you really need to pay an accountant?

AUTOMATION - Are you making the most of modern technology?

COMMUNICATION - Is your company literature effective? Is it accurate? Do you really need to pay a printer?

CUSTOMERS - Do you ask them for feedback? Do they complain? When they do, can you adjust your business practice? Are they always right?

DELIVERY - Do you actually know how much it costs to deliver your product or service?

FLEXIBILITY - If someone is away, do you lose business? How flexible are the people in your business?

MODERNISATION - Are you too busy to keep up to date with current trends?

ORGANISATION - Does everyone know what their job is? Are the right people in the right jobs? Do you listen to them?

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Is it something that comes naturally? Does it scare you? Do you realise how important it is?

PUBLIC RELATIONS - Do you issue press releases? Do you really need to pay an agency?

RECRUITMENT - Are your job adverts tasty? Are your staff motivated? Do they share in your profits?

If you can't answer all these questions simply, then you need to contact me. It could be a leap forward for your business.